The most famous and beautiful fishwife from Taiwan Liu Pengpeng

There have been very fortuitous events that completely changed the Liu Pengpeng the fishwife who is the most precious in Taiwan.
The 26-year old model went to her family, s fish store to help them, but her family were very overwhelmed, but she and her family were definetely not going to wait for is what was going to happen next.
Are you going to help your family today? everyone asked me, They sell Corean fish? She wrote ironically on her Instagram account. Her family has a fish store in the market in Changhua County, and when she went to help her mother, she was surprised the reaction of  people  when they saw her and lot of tourists and buyers went to buy fishes at the fish store and take a photos with her who also a youtuber, and nobody would have expected anything like it.
There was such an uproar on social networks, that Liu herselfspoke 0in the Daily Mail.Im just surprised by the reaction this is definetely incredible and unexpected, though she says that she would rather take less photos with her buy more fishes.
Liu Pengpengh has a lot of followers on social medias,and her photos and posts can get more than 85,000 followers.
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The most famous and beautiful fishwife from Taiwan Liu Pengpeng
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