Mother and Son’s viral ‘’Gangnam Style’’Dance

If you haven’t heard the famous song ‘’Gangnam style’’ it because you haven’t been on this planet.

A few years ago, the South Korean singer PSY released this song without waiting for the reaction it would have on the network. The video has already 80miliions views, so it was to be expected this is how this boy has titled the video he has uploaded with his mother dancing the Gangnam style.

Mike loves to dance, doing it when he has free time, while teaching his students and even at home with his parents.

And Mike’s mom encouraged him, and she agreed without thinking. He wasn’t sure how long time it wold take for his to learn the moves, but he want looking to spending time with mom a little more.

Many older people don’t spend the time for physical exercise to provide healthy life. Easy thing is to stay home and avoid from physical activities at all.

But why not to dance? If you do it for 2-3 times a week I can say that you have a wide variety of benefits when you are getting older.

Moving for a short time helps to be more healthy and keep your heart in good shape, and you will have a positive mental health.

After several hours of practice, Mike and his mom were ready to show the world their impressive dancing skills.

Check out their perfect Gangnam style dance below. they are excellent dance partners.

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Mother and Son’s viral ‘’Gangnam Style’’Dance
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