Identical triplets are already seven years old

This wonderful incident happened in a young family.

At first, the couple knew that only one child would be born but then it turned out that they were three.

The couple and the doctors were amazed because it wasn’t a usual thing.

Photo: INstagram / @beckijo92

The babies became very popular. Their photos and videos were shared by a lot of people from all over the world.
Reporters continually asked their parents to take photos or to interview. The parents determined to open a page for their children and post photos and videos.


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The three children are similar in appearance but they are absolutely different on the inside. The first boy was like a leader and tried to be in charge.

Photo: INstagram / @beckijo92

The second was the quietest. And finally, the third baby. He was the most active and full of endless energy.Having triplets is an amazing thing, but the young mother doesn’t have time to take a break. She thinks that when the boys grow up she will have a rest. The boys are already 7 years old.

Photo: INstagram / @beckijo92

They go to school together and wear the same clothes.

Can you imagine the happiness and the amazement when the teacher saw them together?

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