The old woman’s kind neighbors repaired her house

Everyone is different some people are kind some people are just not that warm-hearted and lovely. But we should know that there are a lot of Good-hearted people. This story is about retired teacher Anna Glensey. She lived in an unsightly and old house.

This woman was in love with her job, she just loved working with children. She put her soul and energy into her work and forgot about her life. But life is short and now Anna is retired, moreover, she has no husband or children. Ann lived her life alone and didn’t even know her neighbors. Her house was in a poor condition and it seemed like no one had lived there.


The law states that there shouldn’t be unsightly and old houses, and If there are some, the penalty is imposed on the owner.

But the old lady wasn’t able to repair the house and couldn’t even think about it. But because the house continued to be unsightly, the district administration imposed a fine on the woman.

Her neighbor wanted to help the old woman and decided to repair the house without asking Anna. They knew that she wouldn’t accept their proposal.

They repaired the roof, painted the house, and changed all the windows. They finished the work in a month. The house was changed a lot. It was like a new house.


When the old woman saw how her house was changed she couldn’t hold back her happiness. She was impressed with the job that had done by her neighbors.


After that Anna began to communicate with them and they became close friends. This story is about the kindness that we should have. Love each other and be happy.

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The old woman’s kind neighbors repaired her house
The incredible makeover of this abandoned house captivates everyone