A kind woman gave the cashier $ 1,000 and fulfilled his dream

Sometimes some people do such kind and good deeds that we realize that kindness still exists. Recently, a customer gave a cashier $1,000 when he noticed he wasn’t in the mood. By doing this, he helped him fulfill his desire and buy a car.

Manny, who is a cashier at Starbucks, had a very difficult day and none of the employees even realized that he was feeling very bad.

On this day, Perry Saenz, who is an employee of one large charitable company, came to him to make orders. It turns out that she was looking for ordinary people who need help to help them.

Perry asked him a few questions, after which she realized that he had a very difficult life period. He said he was working because he wanted to buy himself a car. The woman went and bought a bouquet and a small toy car and gave it to him.

When he opened the box, there was money in it. His tears knew no bounds. He said that he always needed a car to calmly go to work and move around, but he had no money for this. The woman was certainly glad that she could help such a good man.

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