Three strangers gave the school teacher $535

There are a lot of warm-hearted people and we will tell you about three of them. On a flight, a teacher complained about her income to the person sitting next to her. Three strangers after listening to her offered $535 for her students. She was flying to Florida and during the flight, she was talking with the passenger that was sitting next to her.

“I was sitting next to a wonderful person during the flight. He asked me about myself. I will not hide that I am talkative. I started to talk about my job and how much I love it.

Then I started to complain about the income and the bad conditions. I said that there are not enough conditions for children and it turned out that he had a company that helps schools with everything. He asked for my email and I gave it.”

During our conversation about the school someone trapped on my shoulder and suggested 500 dollars.
“When he gave me the money I started to cry from happiness. I said him that I would buy books and everything they needed.

After a few hours when the flight was over, another stranger approached me and gave me money too. They sayd that they heard about the school and wanted to help her. But because they hadn’t enough money they helped her with $20.”

The teacher was amazed by the kindness of that three strangers.

“I can’t believe that there are still people like them. I don’t have enough words to express my feelings. Just can say that we should always be kind and love each other.”

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Three strangers gave the school teacher $535
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