20 unusual locations where individuals have decided to live

The majority of us prefer to reside in communities with boxshaped homes that are split into areas for basic huma n needs like sleeping, eating, and using the restroom. But some individuals live in peculiar places all over the planet. Would you ever contemplate relocating to a place this extraordinary?

The “Chong Kneas Floating Village” is situated in the Siem Reap area of Cambodia. The region is home to “Sap lake,” the biggest freshwater lake in Southeast Asia, with a great number of fish.

With over 1 million people residing in this hamlet, it is also a location that many people call home. There are 200 different species living beside them on houseboats on the water. Because the lake is so large, it is home to several independent towns with more than 1000 residents who live and work there.

The Tunnels of Bucharest is another intriguing yet depressing house setting. Numerous residents of Romania’s capital city reside in the sewers! There are thought to be 1100 kids living in this subterranean setting. The orphanages shut their doors after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Because they have nowhere else to go, a lot of young people reside there.

In “Freedom Cove,” there are also individuals setting up residences. This community is situated in British Columbia, off the coast of Tofino. It is a little piece of land covered in trees with greenhouses and other structures. Artists Katherin King and Wayne Adams designed the area.

Since 1992, construction ,development have been ongoing here. There is a dancing floor, a lighthouse, and a gal lery. A generator and solar power panels are present. The next town is 45 minutes away, and maintaining this lo
cation takes a lot of effort and devotion.

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20 unusual locations where individuals have decided to live
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