A 104-year-old turtle outperforms the sanctuary’s other members

Jay Brewer was fascinated with reptiles and was always up for new adventures and difficult challenges. He recently went to Blake’s Exotic Animal Ranch and then to the Florida Iguana & Tortoise Breeders to see the exotic fauna. Blake had already made preparations for the visit. He had a variety of foods on the table for the ranch’s occupants. Jay appeared ecstatic as he added the remaining raw fruits, veggies, meat, and bread to a large stainless dish.

They first entered an area containing turkeys, cranes, Nigerian dwarf goats, and pigs. Jay later fed a Galapagos tortoise, an endangered species. He was relieved that these reptiles could live in captivity. He then approached a large lizard and began to play with him.

Jay excitedly fed the enormous fishes and met the crimson tortoise baby. Then Jay saw a spectacled owl, who was delighted to see the ranch’s visitor. Both were displeased to meet him.

Then it was their time to encounter the Burmese Black turtle. They were then introduced to Sam, the proprietor of Florida Iguana & Tortoise Breeders. The property housed the largest turtle anyone has ever seen. The couple then encountered a bunch of Aldabra Giant tortoises.

They then gave bananas and melons to the 104-year-old Galapagos tortoise. Jay seemed ecstatic as he handed them over. The pair told Sam about how enormous these beasts were. The tortoise seemed at ease with Jay and asked for bananas.


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A 104-year-old turtle outperforms the sanctuary’s other members
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