Older couple offers insights about living in a little house for seniors

Bill and Sandy downsized to a small house and haven’t looked back since. When looking for their ideal house in Oregon, the couple gave multipurpose areas, storage, and mid-century designs top priority.

Sandy’s house reflects her belief that multifunctionality is essential to leading a simple lifestyle. Depending on the circumstance, the primary living area can change into a TV room, bedroom, living room, or viewing room.

The stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and toaster oven are just a few of the several gadgets in their kitchen.

The Instapot is Sandy’s most often used kitchen appliance and will always have a spot in Sandy’s kitchen.

In such a small shared area, the couple’s bathroom took a lot of consideration. They ultimately decided to add a
toilet, a five-foot shower/tub combo, and ceiling fans to keep the air circulating.

The newly added freestanding deck is one of Sandy and Bill’s little house’s most cherished features. The deck significantly increased the size of the house and inspired the couple to make better use of the available space.

Multiple seats and extendable tables provide them alternatives for outdoor gathering.

Sandy and Bill concur that choosing to live small in their older years was the best choice they could have made.

They were able to genuinely discover what is essential to them because to the sense of freedom that came with
the change, which let them feel unfettered for the first time in years.

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