The dog was standing guard over his friend that was injured

A woman whose name is Betty Walter had done a lot for dogs that were in a danger.

And one day her friend texted her about a dog that was injured because a car accident her. She texted back the number of people who could rescue the dog.


Walter knew that she couldn’t help her at that moment because she was working and didn’t have space for her. All day she was thinking about the injured dog, but when her shift was over, she hurried up to see if the dog was there.

When she reached the place, she saw that the dog were there with another dog. It turned out that he was standing there to protect her.


Later they named Betty White and Allen. They found an area where Betty was safe. Allen stood next to her and when someone was trying to approach her, he started to bark to protect her.

It seemed like Allen was in love with her.

When Walter wanted to approach her for help Allen tried to attack her. It took her a while to gain his trust. Walter’s friend came to help her. When they were trying to get Betty into the car Allen was standing and looking at her to make sure that everything is fine. They take Allen with them too.


After this Walter decided to take them home and take care of them.

The dogs loved each other, and their bond was really strong.

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