Baby elephant enjoys cuddling with visitors

Elephant calves frequently seek to their elders for help in the wild. Similar to human babies, they will run into their moms and grab onto them to feel comfortable and secure.

So the young elephant used the chance to gather as many cuddles as she could as one kind man sat down to welcome the tiny one on the ground.

Although the man may have believed he was receiving a hug, the young elephant had other plans for him. She gave him a head kiss before rolling into his lap.

The amiable man, though, could not help but grin. Oh, you want to snuggle so much, he added.

He was struck by the young elephant who was playing with his headgear.

The father appeared more than willing to give the child any attention she required. The newborn elephant was in blissful tranquility when the kind guy gave it a spoonful.

At this sanctuary in Thailand, many of the elephants were saved from cruel conditions and humans who mistreated them. But this open show of affection made it obvious that these elephants were in good care.

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Baby elephant enjoys cuddling with visitors
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