Family knew how to appreciate a gentle puppy that had 14 failed adoptions. He finally has a home

No one wanted to adopt Ronald because of his large size and strength, even though he is a very sweet and playful furry. However, now his new human mother reports that he is doing great and that he “adjusted perfectly to us.”

After seeing a post on Facebook that went viral, Kierstin Davis decided to act fast to adopt Ronald, a beautiful Golden Retriever. The adorable furry was not having a good time, as he had 14 adoption attempts that unfortunately failed.

In a span of just five weeks, 14 families ended up rejecting Ronald mainly because of his large size. Also, according to the organization that rescued him, the SPCA of Wake County, he is quite clumsy and too playful.

According to Kierstin, as soon as he saw the publication of the sad story of the furry boy, he knew that it was perfect for his home. Ronald has adjusted very well, his new human mother comments: “Everything has been very good at home. He fit in perfectly with us.”

The puppy was adored in the SPCA organization, as he won everyone’s hearts with his sweet and loving personality. More than one volunteer was concerned about Ronald’s run of bad luck, so they decided to share his story on Ronald’s Facebook so someone could give him another chance.

In the post they wrote: “Help us break Ronald’s losing streak! 14 adoptions have failed for this adorable boy, mainly because of the sheer size/strength of him. Every once in a while, if he gets excited, he may stand up and put his front paws on you or start barking.”

Seeing the post, Kierstin says she said: “Oh there’s no way I’m going to get him adopted. Surely someone must have taken it quickly by now, but I’m going to apply anyway.” Fortunately, the woman applied for adoption even though she thought she wouldn’t have a chance.

The new dog mother was lucky and in a matter of days Ronald was already at home with his two children aged four and seven respectively. According to Kierstin, when they saw him “they screamed with emotion” and today they get along very well, play and accompany each other.

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Family knew how to appreciate a gentle puppy that had 14 failed adoptions. He finally has a home
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