Outraged pastor expelled church faithful for not donating the tithe. He wanted to accuse them with the police

The cleric accused that he had authority over the believers and that they “had signed a contract”, while social networks had no mercy on the religious and classified him as “greedy” and “swindler”.

Religions, no matter how different they may be in their genesis and in their manifestos, always have some points in common, such as holy days, rites and also the attendance of the faithful at temples of prayer.

And on this last point, it is sometimes the case that devotees make voluntary contributions to help preserve those temples that do not receive money from any type of foundation or organization.

However, there are times when certain pastors and clergymen abuse their power a bit and put pressure on people to get much more money than they can give, without taking into account that what is important is the gesture, rather than the amount of money they give. be donated

A similar case was seen on TikTok . He is about the pastor of a church in Peru, who, according to information from Milenio , scolded his followers and asked them to leave the place because they did not tithe during one of the religious celebrations.

The user of the social network, identified as @ caef29 , recorded the exact moment in which the clergyman expels some faithful from the place and reproaches them for not respecting what was agreed with the church.

According to the religious, they had ” signed a contract “, which supposedly said that ” the pastor has the authority, read it, it says it clearly, I am the pastor “. The believers, meanwhile, were surprised by his attitude and at the same time outraged at having been expelled from the place.

The pastor had identified all those who had not contributed with their donation to the temple and began to yell at them “ everyone leave ”. He even threatened to call the police.

The post went viral almost immediately, with most users commenting on their outrage at the pastor’s gesture. In fact, many classified him as ” greedy “, ” swindler ” and for having deceived his followers with a contract of dubious origin.

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Outraged pastor expelled church faithful for not donating the tithe. He wanted to accuse them with the police
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