They rescue a puppy that was tied with a chain to an abandoned house. They released him on time

At first the puppy seemed scared by the presence of humans, but as the minutes went by, he gained confidence. Despite the days he spent alone, he was in good health, but deeply sad.

Stray dogs have to go through numerous hardships in order to survive. However, there are sometimes stories of cruel humans who not only abandon them, but do so in conditions from which they cannot get out.

An example of this was reported through the YouTube channel of a shelter, called Animal House New, a rescue team that responded to the call of some neighbors who discovered that there was an abandoned puppy in an uninhabited house in their neighborhood.

The most ruthless of all was that the puppy had not only been left there to its fate, without food or water, but had also been chained to one of the doors of the house.

It seemed that the dog was not accompanied by anyone else. When the Animal House New team arrived at the scene with their cameras, they noticed that the puppy looked tired, sad, and above all, very hungry.

Rescuers tried to warm up to the dog, who was scared and did not open up easily to strangers.

In fact, at the beginning they offered him a little food and water, but he didn’t help himself a bit of what was put in front of him. With the help of some tools they freed him from the heavy chains that he had around his neck.

They then loaded him into a pickup truck and took him to a vet for examination. The puppy seemed in good condition, despite the hardships he had to go through. The only thing that affected him was a deep sorrow for having been abandoned.

From the shelter they reported that their volunteers took charge of caring for him and giving him love, and with the passing of the days his condition has been improving. Now the spike can play and move normally, things that he didn’t do before.

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They rescue a puppy that was tied with a chain to an abandoned house. They released him on time
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