Woman dances in a disco with a puppy when she cannot find someone to take care of him: “The blessing is not left behind”

Girl who was seen partying in a nightclub with a puppy in a bag. The moment quickly went viral on social networks and users identified with the situation.

There are those who take the phrase ‘a dog is man’s best friend’ and take it to another level. These little animals are currently considered the new children of the family, while the plants are now the new pets. Now, called by many as ‘perrhijos’, they are treated as if they were one, celebrating birthdays and taking them everywhere or even paying for a care service very similar to that of nannies called ‘pet sitting’.

So, when the “nanny” fails, it’s time to take “the blessing” with you, as happened to a girl who was seen partying with her little pet, going viral on social networks.

The publication, which accumulates more than 6 million views on TikTok, was uploaded by the user Félix Coorslight. In this you can see how in a disco there is a puppy that is stuck in a backpack, you can only see his little head peeking out of the zipper, while his presumed owner is dancing next to him.

In the short clip you can read a text that says “My mom: I don’t think she’s going out, this girl has no one to leave the dog with”, referring to the fact that she chose to take her dog to the disco, rather than stay home with him or leave him alone

Very similar to those situations where parents take their children to work when they have no one to leave them with. The publication also reached more than 400,000 likes and around 6,000 comments on the social network. Many making jokes about the puppy situation.

“It looks to me like the children who sleep in chairs at fifteen years old,” commented one user. “The blessing is never left behind,” said another. “The puppy saying we’re just leaving, I’m very sleepy,” added someone else.

Similarly, other users criticized the position in which the furry was placed. “Poor puppy, they have sharper hearing than us,” said one person. “At least put cotton in their ears, poor thing, they listen 10 times more than we do,” said another.

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Woman dances in a disco with a puppy when she cannot find someone to take care of him: “The blessing is not left behind”
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