Woman reunited with her ex 10 years after breaking up and married him. love was intact

Miranda met Andy when they were 18 years old, but their love was short-lived. After a decade they met again and decided to start a life together.

We never know when love can rise again from its ashes and be ready for a second chance. It is not for nothing that there is the famous saying that says: “Where there was fire, ashes remain”.

Although cases as extreme as the one that happened to Miranda Howell and Andy are not always known, a couple who met in 2009, their last year of high school, but whose romance at that time was short and fleeting.

According to Miranda herself, through a TikTok video, they both met when they were 18 years old and had a short relationship, but after 10 years they met again and got married.

Miranda explained that Andy suffered from the departure of his grandparents during his time at school, and he did not feel ready to continue the relationship. After breaking up, she moved to southern Ohio, United States, and they stopped seeing each other as often.

Even so, they still got along and felt love for each other. “We always ran into each other when she was visiting,” she explained.

During those 10 years, Miranda became a single mother and spent a year “loving and rediscovering herself” in 2018. But since life takes many turns and we don’t know what it can bring us, after a decade she decided to give their relationship a new opportunity. with Andy. What surprised her the most is that the affection they had for each other was intact.

They were dating and seeing each other regularly for 9 months until Andy proposed to Miranda and they got married. Andy gets along great with Miranda’s son, but they both wanted him to have a brother, so now they’re trying to have a baby.

The video quickly went viral and most users were moved by this love story that Miranda herself has defined as “almost impossible to believe”.

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Woman reunited with her ex 10 years after breaking up and married him. love was intact
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