The lost little possum clung to the dog, hoping to find mother

A dog named Kato of the Puli (Hungarian Shepherd) breed unexpectedly became a temporary adoptive mother for the little possum.

Climbing possums (not to be confused with possums) are Australian marsupials, about the size of a small rabbit. They live on trees, feed mainly on fruit and are threatened with extinction.

Kato’s owners, spouses Sally and John Watkinson, live in the Melbourne suburbs and love to take their two dogs for walks in local parks.

A few days ago they returned from a walk in the park and unexpectedly found a small baby possum on Kato’s fur.

The possum clung tightly behind the dog’s fur. This is how baby limber usually clings to mother’s fur. At the same time, Kato did not mind the sudden “rider”, although dogs, as a rule, do not like climbing possums. Kato reacted very calmly .

The baby limber looked very cute, but the couple was immediately alarmed, such a small limber cannot survive without its mother. So they immediately took the dog to the vet (while the guppy still sat on Kato’s fur) so that he could check the boy’s condition and see if he had any injuries.

The vet examined him, the baby was quite healthy and in good condition. That means he recently lost his mother . Climbing Beutler stayed at the veterinary clinic for the night, and in the morning he was taken to a special center.

“We think everything will be fine with him . He is still very small for independent living but it seems he is doing well and the vet promised to find him an adult female possum to match his.” Mother could replace, ” the Watkins wrote on Facebook.

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The lost little possum clung to the dog, hoping to find mother
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