The owners of the house found a 30-year-old sealed box that nobody opened

Already during the demolition, the owners of the old house called a friend and asked if he needed an old iron box. The drawer was massive and was used as a table in the attic for almost 30 years without ever opening it.

The man lowered the box from the attic and took it for himself: at home he took the tool and tried to open the massive iron lid.

The homeowners, an elderly couple from England, weren’t too interested in the box, they got it when they bought the building themselves. The family rarely went to the attic, sometimes in the evenings they would gather here by the window, and in such cases the iron box was adapted as an improvised table. Now they decided to rebuild the house and things like that just bothered them.

Most likely, if they wanted to, they couldn’t open it without the right tool. In the same attic there were several more boxes – they were easy to open.

But the “table” surprised the man. The table proved tricky – inside was a pile of old notes, and these were British pounds.

How they got here is unknown, the owners of the house were also surprised by the find.

It turned out that it was stored in the “table” for 30 years about 20000 pounds.

Though the amount is small for today, it came in very handy when rebuilding an old house.

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The owners of the house found a 30-year-old sealed box that nobody opened
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