A group of researchers found a large boot in the forest and decided to go inside

A team of researchers has uncovered another landmark in the British countryside.

An unusual structure in the shape of a giant boot was found in a forest near the rocks. As a rule, the coordinates of the finds are not published for fear of vandalism.

“The Little Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe ” is a fairy tale poem written in 1794, but the author is unknown. It tells the story of a mother from a large family who lives with her children in a shoe store.

Unfortunately, the building was found in very poor condition. Only the facade of the “boot” is in good condition. The wooden roof and the interior of the house are dangerous for the occasional tourist visit. Members of the search team posted photos to their Facebook page, asking users to help them learn more about the home’s history.

Interestingly, the opinions of subscribers differed. Some followers reported that in the past, around the 1950s, a woman lived in the house. Others believed that the boot house was actually part of a children’s amusement park. The research results showed that both versions were correct.

In fact, from the little data they gathered, the team was able to confirm that a woman lived in the house in the middle of the last century and that it was used as an amusement park attraction in the 1970s and 1980s. In any case, this fabulous house is in dire need of repair as it is overgrown with moss and greenery from being in the woods without an owner for a long time.

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A group of researchers found a large boot in the forest and decided to go inside
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