Good deed: a homeless man found a diamond ring and decided to give it back to the owner

The homeless man collected coins in a jar and in the evening found a platinum ring with a diamond underneath. Another person in his place would immediately take the ring to the nearest pawn shop, but Billy Harris considered himself an honest man and decided to return the expensive jewelry to the owner. Little did he know that this act would change his life forever.

A series of not-too-pleasant circumstances brought Billy onto the streets. He couldn’t find a job, in the evenings the man sat with a glass in the shopping center, where passers-by occasionally threw coins. Sarah Darling also poured change out of her purse as she passed.

The homeless man began to disassemble a jar of loose change in the evening – at that moment he found a ring with a large diamond. Selling a jewel like that would make a man enough money for a week or two in advance.

Sarah didn’t realize the loss of the ring until the next day. Trying to recall the circumstances under which she lost the jewelry, she suggested that the ring had fallen out of the purse pocket along with the change. The woman rushed to where the homeless man was sitting.

To her surprise, the man was there. Also, Harris immediately took out the ring and gave it to the owner.

“She said she accidentally gave me her item. And I asked her if she meant the ring, to which she said she was talking about it,” the homeless man told reporters.

The story about the return of the ring went to the press. Sarah’s husband also decided to help: he organized an online fundraiser for Harris. Over the next few days, people filled with the honesty of a homeless man wire him about $150,000.

This changed Harris’ life completely. He left the street, rented an apartment and already got a job.

The right decisions lead to the right results. Harris did the right thing and was rewarded for it.

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Good deed: a homeless man found a diamond ring and decided to give it back to the owner
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