In a year, the man managed to make a comfortable home in an old garage

Neighbors always took Christian for a garage man. He came to his garage workshop almost every day and was in it from morning to night. The man had his own car service there, so everyone assumed Chris fixed cars. The situation changed a few months later when the garage began to change from the outside. He quietly turned it into a real home.

Christian Kudzhin didn’t particularly advertise his plans, and that’s only because he already said he’s had a long-standing goal of turning the garage into a real “man’s cave”.

It was not affordable to hire a team of construction workers, so the man tried to slowly do everything himself, only inviting workers as a last resort.

At first he just wanted to paint the walls, but after about 3 months of work he realized that the garage was spacious enough to turn it into a full-fledged home.

In his modernized garage, he decided to combine the garage area and the living area.

All the furniture in the garage house is made in a harmonious style, almost everything is done by hand. Interior decorations are appropriate, from old engines to recycled parts.

The interior makes it easy to organize a party area in the garage area. A whole group of friends can gather here.

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In a year, the man managed to make a comfortable home in an old garage
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