In Italy, a man found an old villa with the antiques intact and showed photos of the interior

A photographer traveling through northern Italy stumbled across this gem. At first he was shocked by the ruins of the old house, but when he saw that its interior was almost completely preserved, along with luxurious 19th-century furniture and the cellar with dozens of sealed bottles untouched by time, he was at ease shocked.

Roman Robroek is from the Netherlands and his favorite shots are old abandoned buildings. On a trip to northern Italy, he visited a small town where he came across a 19th-century villa.

As he passed the ruins, overgrown with greenery and moss, he was shocked by what he saw next. Surprisingly, the original interior decoration with antique furniture has been almost completely preserved in the house.

There was a feeling as if time had passed on the bedroom sets and all the rooms appeared to have been made ready for receiving guests. Only a thick layer of dust showed that people hadn’t been here for a long time.

Roman moved around the villa and entered the living room, which was decorated in shades of yellow. There were luxurious sofas and an exquisite picture of a tree hung on the ceiling.

The rest of the rooms were no less admirable. In one of them he found a mural depicting a beautiful castle against the background of the sea.

Next, Roman went down into the basement, where he found a wine cellar with a collection of sealed wine and liquor bottles covered in dust.

The most interesting thing is that even the curtains on the windows are perfectly preserved. Old books lay around in the rooms, statues of saints and the Madonna stood.

Later it turned out that this villa belonged to a lawyer who held the title of knight. In one of the rooms there was even a portrait of him with the inscription that this person was born in 1874.

According to a lawyer, a wealthy family of landowners who grew crops lived in the house.

Also in the office, the photographer came across several birth certificates, one of which said that the son of this family was born in 1941 and received higher education in agriculture.

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In Italy, a man found an old villa with the antiques intact and showed photos of the interior
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