The Spaniard was raised by wolves in the forest for 12 years: after 50 years he still couldn’t get used to civilization

In 1965, Marcos first saw a bowl of soup in front of him. He was already 19 years old, but had not eaten at the table since childhood. For twelve years the Spaniard lived all alone high up in the mountains, he was raised by real wolves. When he returned to civilization, Marcos did not know how to get used to it.

His father gave the six-year-old Marcos to a farmer who took him to the mountains of the Sierra Morena. One day the old man left and the boy was left alone. The Spaniard had to learn how to get food, he set traps for partridges, got himself a club.

“Boars dug up the tubers, and I drove them away and took the spoils. I developed a special relationship with animals,” Marcos recalls.

A six-year-old child could not have survived in the mountains without help. The wolves helped Marcos. Once he wandered into a cave with wolf cubs, played with them and fell asleep. When the boy woke up, he saw a she-wolf with meat between her teeth.

The she-wolf didn’t think I was dangerous. She was careful, but then shared the meat among everyone. I became part of the pack, says the Spaniard.

Gradually the teenager’s vocabulary changed to screams and growls. Marcos didn’t speak at all until the Spanish gendarmes accidentally found him in the mountains and brought him back to the people. The process of adjustment lasted several years, after which the already adult Spaniard entered a new life for himself.

Marcos worked everywhere, traveled from Madrid to Mallorca, but he found no rest anywhere. A retired policeman from Galicia, Manuel Barandela, finally took over the patronage of the “Mowgli”. Marcos’ life became quieter, but he was never used to civilization.

In 2010, director Gerardo Olivares shot the film Among the Wolves about Marcos. Unexpected fame fell on the Spaniard, but the man preferred to go to a small town and buy a house here with savings. Marcos tried several times to return to the mountains, but the wolves would not accept the grown man.

The Spaniard continues to live in Rante in his home. He is retired and spends his days in front of the television, in the evenings he goes to a bar.

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The Spaniard was raised by wolves in the forest for 12 years: after 50 years he still couldn’t get used to civilization
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