A reading of “Facts You May or May Not Know” by Johnny Carson

Carson had the power to make anyone appear alluring. Although the other two anchors had the same skills, Johnny stood out because of his special talent for conducting engaging interviews.

Carson read letters from people all throughout the country in this specific passage. It contained a variety of odd and humorous stories. Male, 28, will mow yards in exchange for sexual favors, according to the ad. When Carson finished reading, he was astounded and asked Ed, “Are we living in a foreign world?”

Carson was unaware of a few of the details contained in the second letter on the list. He therefore made the decision to question Ed about the letter’s contents. Would the camel survive longer without water or a mouse was one of the interesting things he brought up. Ed provided a precise response to the query, shocking the host.

Johnny approached Ed and questioned him about why he decided on a rat. He responded by saying, “You only went again for rat because you’d believe a cannibalism would go longer without water,” in response to his initial query. I only went again for rat since I wanted to see that expression on your face one more, Ed retorted.

But the astounding letters he discovered were written by sixth graders. The young minds created various innovations for those letters. However, a letter from a young girl who created an alarm that blasted water at passersby caused Carson to chuckle uncontrollably.

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A reading of “Facts You May or May Not Know” by Johnny Carson
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