Baby girl, 11 weeks old, utters her first word

Babies have a natural inclination to babble nonstop as they explore the possibilities of language. Most of the time, kids are just babbling, and it’s up to their parents to attempt to make sense of it.

Little Eela can utter her own name at the ripe old age of eleven weeks. Her mother, who was obviously extremely proud of her, recorded the occasion on tape so that people all over the world could see it.

Eela’s feat is all the more remarkable given that most babies’ first words are variations on “mommy” or “daddy.” In other words, Eela is not just very bright for her age, but she also has a strong sense of independence.

Even while newborns may start producing noises as young as seven weeks, the majority of these sounds are primitive, or sounds near to language but not quite. These include sounds like “da-da” and “ba-ba.”

When Eela is older, I hope her mother would play the video for her so she sees how cute and smart she was even then.

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