The odds of having a kid like this one are one in 30,000

To many, having a child and raising a family is the pinnacle of achievement in life. Like most parents, Jordyn Eppard and her husband were excited about the impending birth of her second kid. However, the Eppards had no idea that their second child would shatter their worldview.

Despite the couple’s best efforts, their baby was delivered fourteen days early. Mid-July was the anticipated due date for the new addition to the family. In fact, the baby was delivered on the first day of the month, which caught everyone by surprise. Baby Beauden arrived in the world weighing a healthy 3.50 kg.

As if it weren’t unexpected enough that Beauden had a birthdate with his father and grandpa, all three of them were born on July 1st. In fact, a research has shown that out of a group of 23 random people, there is a 50 percent chance that two of them have the same birthdate.

However, the possibilities of celebrating the day with both your dad and grandpa are small. What a beautiful coincidence this is, particularly if Beauden was originally expected to arrive a few weeks ago but instead chose to make his entrance on that same day. His grandpa was born on 1, 1921, his father on July 1, 1990, and little Beauden, by pure chance, on July 1, 2017. A research found that the odds of this happening were one in 33,471.

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The odds of having a kid like this one are one in 30,000
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