A woman found an unusual tunnel-digging animal in her barn

It is considered a great achievement to meet such an amazing animal as a wombat.

These small animals are nocturnal and rest in dug holes during the day.

Once an Australian woman went into her barn at night and heard a rustling sound coming from a pile of rags in the corner.

As she gently moved part of the lobe, she saw a funny round nose and two big brown eyes that belonged to a wombat.

The worried woman immediately called Yolanda Vermaak, the founder and president of the wombate rescue organization.

Soon after, Yolanda arrived to examine the unexpected guest.

She was worried that the wombat might run away, but he became interested in humans and would sit still and watch them.

Vermaak suggested that the animal hid in the barn in search of a dry and warm shelter during a heavy downpour that most likely flooded its burrow.

Yolande asked the woman who found the animal to protect the animal for several days until the holes dried up.

The woman willingly protected the wombat, making the appearance of a warm hole out of an old mattress, a blanket and a peg.

A little later, Yolande noticed that the Australian’s shaggy guest had scabies and immediately began treating the little animal.

After treatment and as the burrow dried up, the animal happily returned to the wild.

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A woman found an unusual tunnel-digging animal in her barn
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