On the wedding day, the groom found out that the bride was unfaithful to him, but did not cancel the celebration

The story takes place during a wedding. The solemn ceremony took place in a prestigious restaurant. Friends and relatives beamed with joy for the young couple.

The newlyweds entered the hall and the guests began to sit around their tables. The food was served, but before dessert came, the host said it was time for the speeches. The day was just beautiful and everyone was smiling, but no one could imagine that the groom’s smile was fake.

Unfortunately, on the morning of the wedding day, he found out that the bride had been cheating on him the entire time. Coincidentally, the groom saw a message from a man who had apparently tried to stop the bride from marrying.

After reading such a message, he was shocked. Then the man unlocked the bride’s phone and began to read her correspondence, but he had never done this because he trusted his beloved.

But what a surprise for the man was the fact that he was not the only one with whom she communicated on intimate issues.

It turned out that the girl cheated on him not once with one man, but with two at once. But an even bigger blow was the fact that the groom knew these men: one of them was his friend and the other was a work colleague of the bride.

The disappointed man did not know what to do with such information, because he trusted his girlfriend, loved her dearly and wanted to spend a long life with her.

The groom had never felt so angry. He was devastated and angry at the same time, but decided to stay calm. An original revenge plan began to form in his mind, but he needed to keep his head cool.

In order to carry out his plan, the ceremony had to go well, and, stepping over himself, he smiled and pretended to be in front of his bride and the guests. All he had to do was wait for his speech to the guests and his revenge plan would be carried out.

Since the men his bride was hanging out with also attended the wedding with their wives, the man decided to reveal their secret to the public.

In order to know the whole plan of the place, the groom needed to know in which seats the bride’s lovers would sit, so after the ceremony he first went to the banquet hall and put red napkins under the plates of the men who were in a love affair with his girlfriend standing.

The guests began to enter the hall and took their places where a plaque with their names was placed. The solemn speeches began. The parents, siblings and the bride spoke. Then the groom announced that he wanted to say a few words, keeping calm and telling everyone to come upstairs:

“Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to invite you to play a game. Everyone, please stand up and look under your plates. Those who have yellow napkins please remain seated, and the rest of the guests take their seats.”

The guests puzzled over what this strange game was all about. And while all the invitees were sitting down, the men who were standing were looking at each other as they were very surprised and starting to get nervous, especially when everyone was looking at them, including the bride.

Everyone in the hall watched the groom eagerly, expecting the game to continue, and he continued. The groom announced that the two men now standing were having an affair with his wife.

As he said this, he smiled triumphantly, but the fire of hate burned in his eyes. Everything had happened as he had planned, and all traitors had been punished. The men stood in front of a full room and their wives, blushing with shame and not understanding how it all happened.

“Well, I see that everyone is silent, then I will say one more thing. I will end the marriage as soon as possible,” said the groom, silently leaving the hall.

The bride sat and blushed with her parents, for they too were ashamed that they had raised such a daughter. She fell out of favor in front of all her relatives and understood that there was nothing left to correct.

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On the wedding day, the groom found out that the bride was unfaithful to him, but did not cancel the celebration
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