Simon Cowell Breaks Down in Tears Over a Dog That Can Actually Talk

You’ve definitely seen some incredible things on Britain’s Got Talent, but in one episode, a speaking dog wins over everyone’s hearts.

It’s unclear what to expect from Marc Metral’s introduction on Britain’s Got Talent. He doesn’t stand out as anything special from a visual standpoint; there’s nothing about his music or attire that suggests he’s very talented.

After that, he announces Wendy as his “special guest,” and the crowd goes wild. As luck would have it, Wendy is a fluffy white dog that floats over the floor like a cloud.

People in the room watch as Marc hoists Wendy up onto a stage. Wendy begins to steal the show, so they won’t be let down either.

Throughout their conversation, Marc asks Wendy questions and she responds with her thoughts. She is the first dog to seem so lifelike when talking outside of animated films that people really believe she is doing so.

Simon is almost brought to tears by Wendy, the sweetest visitor ever. A performer like Wendy has long been a goal of his, and now he has seen one in person. The judges are so impressed by the performance that they give it “four big fat yesses.”

You almost forget that Wendy is mute because of how engrossed you get in their performance. It’s convincing enough to make you think she can really communicate with you.

Humor, vibrant dialogue, even a song all come out of the dog’s lips as the three of them delight the audience. They blow my mind!

Despite the fact that Marc is a skilled ventriloquist and Wendy is a professional actor, their performances are so convincing that audiences often mistake them for genuine.

Let’s hope you liked their adorable performance. They finally see some fruition of their labors. Please forward this to anybody who may find it useful.

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Simon Cowell Breaks Down in Tears Over a Dog That Can Actually Talk
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