Appreciating “Dances with Wolves” all over again

In 1991, the American epic Western received the Academy Award for Best Picture. Costner starred in, directed, and produced the picture; it was his directorial debut.

Costner adapted Michael Blake’s 1988 book “Dances with Wolves,” which follows the life of Union Army Lieutenant John J. Dunbar, into the film. While searching for a military outpost on the American border, the soldier encounters a band of Lakota people.

The production cost for the picture was $15 million, and it made nearly $424 million at the box office. Cinematography, music, and acting were all praised in this fourth-highest-grossing 1990 picture.

The epic picture received 12 Oscar nominations and took home seven, including Best Film, Best Director, Better Suited Screenplay, Best Movie Editing, Cinematography, Best Musical Score, and Best Sound Mixing.

One of just three Westerns ever to get this award, “Dances with Wolves” earned the Golden Glove for Best Motion Picture. Kevin Costner’s direction and performance made this a 1990 box office hit.

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Appreciating “Dances with Wolves” all over again
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