The rescue dog had been waiting for his adoption for 2,555 days

This lovely rescue dog eventually found his family. He had been waiting for his adoption for a long time.
“Flip is adapting to his new life very well,” said his new parent Jennifer Schorr.

The adopter said that he had lost his former dog and didn’t want to have another one, but one day he saw Flip on the internet and fell in love.

“Flip’s face melted and I decided to take him home,” said Schorr.

Short went to the shelter to adopt the dog but they told him that they didn’t have enough information about Flip, only a few things.

At that time Flip was in a foster home. Shorr decided to go to the shelter to see the dog. The way to the shelter was too long.

It took him nearly 3 hours to reach the place.

Everyone warned me that the dog could be cold at first but it wasn’t like that. When I arrived the dog was too sweet and playful with me.

Shorr was already sure about the adoption after their interaction and decided to take him home.

“Now Flip is part of my life. He is a lovely dog with a big heart.”

Flip sleeps in a comfy bed and loves it. Flip loves cuddling and playing with me.

Short said that there are a lot of dogs that need to find their home and be loved by their parents. His story is evidence that the age of a dog doesn’t matter at all and they all need love and affection.

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The rescue dog had been waiting for his adoption for 2,555 days
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