The new Pentatonix “Hallelujah” music video is refreshing

Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” performance begins with the crowd cheering and the lights progressively dimming. Each verse has a new lead singer.

Stars illuminate their stage stairway. They’re dressed up. The chorus beat-boxing intensifies the melody and moves the lights.

World-renowned artists have covered Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and Justin Timberlake covered the song.

Leonard Cohen wrote the song for his 1984 album Various Positions. It was unsuccessful until John Cale and Jeff Buckley recorded it.

Since “Shrek,” possibly 300 arrangements have been made. This a cappella version of “Hallelujah” rivals all others.
“Pentatonix” was founded in 2011 and won the third season of “The Sing-Off” on NBC. Since receiving a recording contract, they have conquered the nation. Following the release of multiplatinum albums, ‘Pentatonix’ has become a musical powerhouse!

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