The youngster responds to the music by dancing gracefully

Babies come in many shapes and sizes. Each one has a distinct personality and set of interests from the moment it’s born. It’s true that some people need more sleep than others, yet others are always on the go. There are also many people who like dancing immensely. To wit: Sandy Toen, who happens to be one of them. As quickly as she learned to walk, the baby girl was already dancing. It’s hilarious to see her dance to the beat. She often starts her days by getting her groove on to music of her own choosing. No parent has time to be boring or depressed. No matter how down they are, Baby Sandy would always lift their spirits with her dances.

Babies and young children have an innate ability to recognize and respond to musical rhythms and tones. This is why so many young people nowadays can’t imagine life without their mobile phones. The infant begins to respond to music a few weeks after birth by smiling, swaying, and making vigorous movements. A newborn may not have much control over his body at first, but as soon as he stands up, he begins to make his first efforts at dancing.

And he doesn’t care whether jazz or mum is singing. Baby development includes dancing. They help children. Dancing boosts baby’s health. Dancing is a great workout. Dancing calms and reassures the infant. Child grows braver. Baby’s creativity is stimulated by music.Dancing enhances a child’s coordination, body awareness, and ability to “fit” into space. Music is essential to a child’s lively, movement-filled upbringing. This is a fun activity for both kids and adults. Sandy’s baby dances with her parents. Her dances became national. Sandy was televised.

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The youngster responds to the music by dancing gracefully
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