A Two-Year-Irish Old’s Dancing Brightens Up a Get Together

On a somber occasion, this Irish toddler’s performance of Irish dancing offered her family much-needed comfort.

The child follows her mother’s example and begins to dance, complete with step-and-clap routine, to the enthusiastic approval of her family.

The video’s caption claims the youngster is at a funeral in Ireland, yet the cheerful jig and mournful audience belie the somber occasion.

Redditors said, “Incredible foot movement for a person so little and who hasn’t acquired the all fine motor abilities yet!” By the time she’s in third grade, she’ll be competing in dance marathons. And the greatest part was when she fled to hide alongside her mother. Teacher? immediately upon completion. It’s time to get over your timidity. She obviously has a passion for dancing!

Another contributor said, “I practiced Irish dance for many years, and my dance school ran a class for infants that I would occasionally get to attend before practice.” Take this scenario and multiply it by, say, 20 children. The cuteness was too much!

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