An arresting performance of “Oh Holy Night” by a police officer attracts a large audience

During the holiday season, you can expect to hear wonderful music wherever you go, from shops to streets. It’s not too common, however, for a police officer to be the performer.

On a cold day in December, Portland, Maine police officer Jeremy Turner stunned onlookers by breaking into a spontaneous rendition of “Oh Holy Night” while on patrol. The chillingness of his performance has even given the internet the willies.

In the Old Port, Officer Turner was dared by his partner to break into song with a holiday classic. This he duly accomplished.

The cop stunned everyone when he broke into a rousing rendition of “Oh Holy Night.” A throng gathered in Tommy’s Park because of his mesmerizing voice.

“We got there and I went for it, and people just began crowding around, so I continued going,” I said, “and I don’t believe he thought that I’d really accomplish it.”

Turner’s family, like many others, enjoys singing “Oh Holy Night” throughout the Christmas season.

He explained to the newscaster that this was one of the factors that led him to choose that venue for his spontaneous show.

For as long as I can remember, this particular Christmas tune has been a family tradition.

He was standing in a snowy landscape with dangling lights, making for a picturesque scene.

Turner works for the Portland Police Department and has a background in music.

Thankfully, the officer’s transcendent performance was recorded and made available to everybody. It rapidly went viral, and it amazed a lot of people.

In response to the video’s widespread acclaim, Portland Police Chief Michael Sauschuck said, “It humanizes law enforcement personnel at a whole other level.”

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An arresting performance of “Oh Holy Night” by a police officer attracts a large audience
As the music begins, a toddler eagerly stands on stage, ready to dance, and the audience erupts with enthusiasm.