The comedic timing of Tim Conway in “Mr. Tudball travels to Hawaii” is priceless

Tim Conway displays his exceptional talent for physical humor by jumping about on the scorching beach. Mr. Tudball recognizes his wife’s voice as the one doing the shouting. After changing into her Mrs. Tudball costume, Vicki walks in.

Mr. Tudball tells her to shut up since her constant talking drives him crazy. His anger stems from the fact that she did not pay for the vacation herself. His secretary then exits the building with a Mrs. Wiggins-style stroll. Oh, the island is wonderful, she exclaims. What a wonderful place, I could live here indefinitely. Mr. Tudball gets a good chuckle from the audience before telling everyone to “Sit down, hula nose.”

When Mrs. Wiggins takes a seat, the chair collapses to the ground. The onlookers laugh as she tries in vain to stand up. When Mr. Tudball orders them to begin working, Mrs. Wiggins pulls an extension cable out of her bag. She takes it in her hands, scans the area, and declares, “I can’t find an electrical socket.”

Mr. Tudball suggests, “Why don’t you rush down to the water and plug it into the electric eel!” Mrs. Tudball needs a distraction and has her sights set on the volcano. The volcano is still active, according to the leaflet, Mr. Tudball said. There’s a risk of being smothered by lava if you venture too near to the edge. And so, seizing the leaflet in his hand, he screams, “Let me see that!” as he realizes that he may really want to bring his wife there.

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The comedic timing of Tim Conway in “Mr. Tudball travels to Hawaii” is priceless
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