Baby’s First Word Is Recorded On Camera And It’s Hilarious

The old man instructs, “Upload it on YouTube!” Look how spot on he was. About six months of age is when newborns begin to use two-syllable words. That important threshold has been reached with this little guy’s first word.

Because of how quickly time passes, it is important to remember every significant achievement. The first word a child says is a watershed moment in their development. By the time they’re three months old, babies have progressed from cooing and chattering to creating sounds that resemble vowels. At about the six-month mark, infants often begin to explore with vowel-consonant pairings and double-syllable sounds. It’s hardly surprising that “mama” or “dada” is often a baby’s first word given how close they are to their parents. There may even be some healthy rivalry among parents as they race to be the first.

You may see a video of several excited grandmas and grandpas waiting for their grandchild to say his first word down below. They attempt to get him to speak out by whatever means necessary. In this grandma-to-mama conversation, grandma offers this suggestion: “Say, Mama. Are you interested? No response other than a blank expression. The tiny boy’s grandfather speculates that the word “milk” may be the first word he utters. That makes perfect sense, yet once again, the infant is silent.

Here’s a thought that just occurred to Grandpa: “I know what his first word will be: ‘Taco.’” “Taco… Taco… It’s a perfect solution! The youngster ponders the situation for a while before responding, “Taco.”

In spite to popular belief, this infant does not have an early affinity for Mexican cuisine; rather, the household cat is called Taco. It’s possible that they’re already inseparable pals. The parents probably found this first word to be rather amusing.

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Baby’s First Word Is Recorded On Camera And It’s Hilarious
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