The ritual of Grandpa’s farewell turns into a beloved family custom

Eska Miller, who is now 89 years old, is a stunning illustration of the value of making memories and maintaining family traditions. Eska used to trot ahead whenever his daughter and son-in-law left the house with his infant granddaughter Haley.

They would eventually catch up to Eska as he jogged away from the home, and he would stare at Haley through the window before calling out, “see you next time, love you!”

Grandpa was a lot nimbler when he first started that sweet routine of love and pleasure for Haley. However, he never stopped jogging, rushing ahead, and lovingly calling out to her, “see you next time, love you!” even as they both aged.

The “goodbye runs” Haley’s family now regularly participates in have their origins in this moment. Even at 89 years old, Grandpa Eska hasn’t given up the torch. He is as active as a spring bird, jogging a little before waving and yelling farewell as she drives away.

Haley filmed him repeating it several times and compiled his farewell runs into a YouTube video in the hopes of one day sharing the experience with her own grandchildren. As soon as it hit the web, it become crazy popular. I mean, come on, how could it not when there’s so many warm, fuzzy feelings being broadcast in every clip?

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The ritual of Grandpa’s farewell turns into a beloved family custom
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