Spending just $290 and 200 hours of her time, this lady knits her own wedding outfit

Veronika Linberg was a very happy bride when she made her own wedding garment for less than $300.

Knitting has been a passion of Veronika’s, aka Kika’s, since she was five years old. One of her biggest joys in life has been knitting, which she learned to do from her grandmother.

She gambled that she could have everything done in the six weeks leading up to her wedding and hoped for the best.

She began by placing an Instagram announcement order for 2.5 kg of pure white silk yarn. She planned to upload a vlog detailing her efforts so that her subscribers could see just how far her imagination can go.

The whole thing was difficult, just as Veronika had said. She was nervous that, having never crocheted a garment before, the result might resemble pajamas rather than a bridal gown. Nonetheless, she didn’t let anything deter her from her goal of knitting a stunning bridal gown.

Veronika spent the better part of 45 days knitting in order to complete the pattern, which took her over 200 hours. She placed her other video productions on hold to concentrate on this one.

After several missteps, Veronika’s knitted wedding dress was complete and it was beautiful.

Not only did her husband find the ceremony impressive, but so did their wedding guests and the millions of others who watched it live on YouTube.

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Spending just $290 and 200 hours of her time, this lady knits her own wedding outfit
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