This blind singer’s rendition of “Lean On Me” is a stunning duet

Christopher is blind and autistic, yet his talent shines through in his singing and in the depth to which he connects with the music and the rhythm. He claps and dances along with the music, moving his hands and fingers in time to the rhythm and marching his feet to the melody as the tenors sing.

Lyrically, there’s something unique about Christopher and The Tenors’ heartfelt rendition of this song, in which they express their feelings while singing about the “times in our life” when “we all experience grief and sadness,” but how there’s always hope when we lean on one other.

A viewer of the original video commented, “THIS is what the world needs more of at such a time of brokenness.” Another person says, “This young guy is tangible evidence that God answers prayer.”

The Canucks Autistic Network is holding their second annual Reveal Gala to honor those on the autism spectrum.

In 2008, Paolo and Clara Aquilini, parents of an autistic son, established the Canucks Autism Network (CAN). The Aquilinis say that CAN is “committed to serving British Columbians and beyond by delivering a range of programs and services to those on the autism spectrum and their families and fostering an environment of acceptance and inclusion.”

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