The teacher decided to dance in front of the school. She was also joined by her discioles whom she did not notice.

Not all teaching people are considered teachers. A teacher is considered to be as a greatest devotee and apostle of educating children. He has the personal task of educating and nurturing a student. They are very important people in the life of any student The teacher and the children are connected by the school, the framework of knowledge and education. Their contact can be said to begin and end with school. They go a long way with their children. During that time, they should be able to come to a common denominator. Without a teacher, learning would have no meaning, because it is thanks to them that the generations become the best and the teacher’s example serves as a model and a facilitator.They devote most of their lives to raising and educating a worthy generation. Everything changes with time, new educational programs provide an opportunity to become a wonderful specialist without visiting a specialist. Today, high professional demands are placed on teachers. Mastering all specializations and becoming a good specialist is thanks to the teacher.Every student can recognize a lie, so children should never be lied to. The greatest duty of a teacher is to be able to attract every child with loving attitude and care.The teacher is obliged to educate the children without any intention, devoting himself to each of them. However, along with all this ,the teacher also has his own personal life. He, like everyone else, can sing, dance, have fun and enjoy life beyond the school walls. Here is a teacher who surprised and gained the greatest respect and appreciation wigh her dance.She did not pay attention to anyone ,even her students.Few of us can imagine that a teacher can dance without noticing that his students are also watching her. She really caught the attention of many people with her dance and became the hit of the day. Her every move was well thought out and well executed. Many people would like to have such versatile teachers. She was a very light person and her enthusiastic street dance was proof of that.


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The teacher decided to dance in front of the school. She was also joined by her discioles whom she did not notice.
Dave Crosby, the guy who turned all 3 Voice Judges in record time.look his amazing perfomance..this is really surprising