A man inherited this old house and turned it into a palace

The man invested part of his savings in an old house on the outskirts of a small village. The building looked unsightly and many acquaintances dissuaded from buying. But the new owner had a clear plan to turn the house into a comfortable home: he started filming what he found in the barn on video, then looked into the well and sorted out the territory of the site.

The house was sold together with a plot of 15 acres. All communications are summed up, which makes the work much easier. On the other hand, the condition of both the main building and the shed clearly required investment the former owners appeared on the site no more than once a month and simply took a break from the bustle of the city. All things from the house and the barn had to be taken out for several days.

As a result, the front of future work has become more clear: not only the floor, but also the walls will have to be restored. Then a new well was dug in the yard. The old one was no longer usable. I also had to cut down an old large walnut, the branches of which swayed too much even in a light wind. Clearing the site took weeks. The man took care of every tree, mowed the grass, trimmed the fences. Gradually, the territory near the house ceased to resemble an abandoned one this is important, since the new owner planned to live in the house permanently, and not use it as a temporary base.

Finds in the barn and an estimate for the purchase of a house, along with an estimate for clearing the territory, the man filmed: Work on the improvement of the house and the site will continue at least until the end of summer. But already now it is obvious that the effort expended is definitely worth the result.


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A man inherited this old house and turned it into a palace
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