A man found an old dacha and in 2 years turned it into a house from a magazine. Video

A man found an old cottage for sale. The house stood on the outskirts of a small village in the region and clearly required investment and considerable work. However, the new owner developed a plan of action in advance and in just two years turned the dacha into a house that could easily have been on the cover of an architectural magazine. The man also filmed the entire reconstruction process on video, describing in detail each stage of the work and roughly calculating the costs. Initially, the man liked the old dacha for its convenient location and large plot.

A country road that runs not far from the house leads to the highway, but the noise of cars is not heard here. It took time to clear the site, it was all overgrown with bushes and even small trees. At the time of the beginning of the restoration, the house had only clean walls. The owner immediately bricked up one window, dismantled all the old frames. Some walls also had to be repaired – it seems that the previous owners at some point wanted to completely dismantle the house.

The man slightly reduced the window openings and inserted plastic frames with thick glass, which will keep warm in winters. The roof and the entire upper part of the house, a kind of mezzanine, had to be completely changed. But the man coped with this work quickly, he already had experience in construction work. The cleaned brick walls were covered with insulation. The house was supposed to be used both in summer and in winter. Of course, it was impossible to leave the walls in this form, and therefore the man decided to cover them with decorative panels. And it turned out to be the perfect solution.

Lightweight panels with a decorative structure were installed on metal rails, installation did not take much time. The house immediately acquired a “commodity” look. The man filmed the entire process of installation and description of the work on video: Of course, the work on the restoration of the old dacha took time. But its purchase was still a good idea – a house in this condition is much more expensive.


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A man found an old dacha and in 2 years turned it into a house from a magazine. Video
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