Some northerners live in iron barrels: we look at the houses from the inside

Russia is a boundless and diverse country. It is inhabited by many peoples and nationalities.

The territory of the country is so vast that eleven time zones pass through it.

However, the territory is unevenly populated. The north of the country is almost uninhabited.

Back in the days of the Soviet Union, the state tried to populate the north by any ways.

Factories, mines, settlements and even large cities were built there.

In the beginning, mainly labor or prisoners were sent to the north as laborers.

Also, young professionals with their families moved there, as in the north they paid a large salary and provided an apartment.

Since it is not so easy to build a full-fledged building right away, at first the workers lived in iron barrels or cargo containers.

However, since the 70s, the state began to produce special iron containers, which were called separate unified units, intended for housing.

They looked like metal modules, in which everything was conditional for life.

Such containers were provided as temporary housing, in the future the state had to provide people with apartments.

But over time, the north became empty, and after the 1990s all factories were completely closed.

And people have remained to live in metal barrels to this day, there are even entire settlements living in containers.

At first glance, it seems that such barrels are quite suitable for habitation.

From the inside, they look like a mini-apartment with a kitchen, a bedroom and a bathroom.

But if we explore them more closely, we can see this is not at all a full-fledged housing.

The biggest problem for people is the issue of heating.

In winter in the north, the temperature exceeds minus 50 degrees. In such conditions, it is very difficult to warm up inside the iron tank.

Also, other communications are poorly established, there is no Internet and satellite communications are poor.

But regardless of this, people continue to live there, give birth to children and enjoy life. Whole generations grew up in them

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Some northerners live in iron barrels: we look at the houses from the inside
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