The mother of five children, including quadruplets, shared a video about her daily life

Being a parent is such a blessing and a great joy. We all strive to find our soul mate, create a family and have children in order to find harmony.

However, children are also a huge work and responsibility. And most of this work falls on the shoulders of women.

Only mothers are able to stay awake at night and be constantly on their feet during the day.

Even with one child is not easy. What if you have twins or triplets? And so, the young mother

Diana has five children, and four of them were born together. Diana does not know what sleep and rest are.

She created a page on social networks where she uploads videos about her everyday life.

The kids are already two years old, which means their most active period has begun.

They are very mobile, climb everywhere and get dirty. The father of the family is mostly at work, as a large family must be provided financially.

A young mother copes alone with household chores and with five children.

Her morning doesn’t start with coffee. First she need to prepare breakfast for the children, and they all have different tastes.

Then she has to play with the kids and take a walk. Walking with five child is another history.

Not every parent can go out for a walk with two strollers and a scooter.

After a walk, finally it is time for sleep and a woman can afford to relax a little and have a snack.

Then everything starts again. She has to cook lunch and dinner, as well as wash and iron.

In the evening, everyone together goes to wash and sleep for the night. So end of the usual day of a many children mother.

According to the woman, she is going to rest every evening and take care of herself after she puts everyone to bed.

But during the day she gets so tired that she falls asleep with the children.

Despite all the difficulties, Diana says that she is a very happy mother. And every day she thanks God for her wonderful babies.

We must enjoy every day, because children grow up so fast.

You will not have time to look back, and they are already adults and do not need your care.

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The mother of five children, including quadruplets, shared a video about her daily life
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