The woman asked the cat to bring her kittens to take care of them

Despite the fact that a crisis is raging in the country, life goes on as usual in the American outback, and this is exactly life – new and bright. A resident of Irvington, Alabama, Shia Pryor noticed a gray stray cat in her yard. She gave it some food and remarked how affectionate the animal was. And then something else came up that made Shaya act very quickly.

Such a beauty came to the yard and asked for food

Upon closer examination, it turned out that the cat was lactating! And desperately needed food to produce milk. Of course, Shaya fed her to satiety, but she understood that these were half measures. She started talking to the cat, convincing her to trust and bring the kittens. The woman promised to take care of them and even showed a box of cloths that could be used as a den. And it worked – the cat believed her!

Two days later, the gray beauty returned with fluffy lumps!

And the most daring, stretching out his tail, even approached the outstretched hand!

Shaya, as promised, took care of all the kittens. Each was examined by a veterinarian, received treatment and they have already found future families where the kittens will go when they grow up.

Shaya decided to keep the cat and two kittens for herself. Because of the coronavirus, she lost her job in the office and will now be engaged in gardening, which means that mousers are needed to guard the future harvest. And the rescued kittens will perfectly cope with this task!

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The woman asked the cat to bring her kittens to take care of them
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