Indian actor Mithun was also a philanthropist, but few people know about it

We are all very familiar with Indian serials since childhood. They are the memory and movies of the best years of our childhood. Perhaps everyone will remember Mithun, who was a famous and sought-after actor in his country. He was the lead actor of the well-known and well-known movie ‘Disco Dancer’ in the 80s. He became famous all over the world after the telecast of the movie.

Then he won the hearts of many people for his talented acting, acting skills and charismatic nature. Women even fell in love and even wanted to marry him deep in their hearts. He has more than 350 roles that no one has in show business.He had great wealth and many properties. Success was his constant companion. He received many funds for his many roles. In the 90s, his businesses were the main source of income. Such of those businesses are the hotel chain and the football club, which were his properties.

Mithuni’s personal life was also very harmonious and perfect. He chose Yogita as his life partner right on the set. They had 3 children. They also took care of another child who had no family. The child was left by the biological parents near the garbage dump and the passers-by saw it and tried to help him. When all the media talked about it, Zerasan decided to bring the child home and take care of him.

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Indian actor Mithun was also a philanthropist, but few people know about it
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