The artist gets sculptures from wood with beautiful images.

Sculpture is the branch of art that requires effort and creative imagination. It is the creation of figures on wood, stone or other objects. Vlad Carving was the sculptor who had great inspiration and love for sculpture and art in general.

He, like other creators, began his work by making rough outlines on paper. He transferred that image to a log without bark. He then attached his outline to the tree below where his carving would be. Before he got down to business, he had thought about preparation, which was to be prepared with safety glasses, earplugs and protective gloves.
Vlad climbed onto the log and carved away the extra pieces of wood. Woodcarving on this scale was not an easy task and it not for those looking for a relaxing activity. This carving requires not only artistic ability but also physical strength and endurance.

After completing all the preparations, the carving process began. He carved the sketched image on paper onto a thick log of a tree. At first, he seemed to be carving random pieces of wood, but when the drawing disappeared, the work began to take shape and the figure of a woman appeared. Finally, after finishing the work, he cleaned the sawdust and wood. from the sculpture. The extra pieces gathered at the feet of the sculptor and the Native American woman, her horse and the eagle became visible. Once the character was created it was time for the finishing touches.
The character he created looked so beautiful and close to the real life that for a moment it seemed that their characters were real, just petrified. The sculptor put his heart and soul into the work and it turned out perfectly. Every artist first of all has enthusiasm and love for their work, otherwise the work may not be according to what they want. Even people who does not understand anything of art cannot remain indifferent to this wonderful work of art.


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The artist gets sculptures from wood with beautiful images.
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