The boy has taken his first steps in the competition, it promises him big stages and success

We all know about The Voice Kids Russia competition. Today we will get to know the winning champion. Vladislav Tyukin was recognized as the champion of the competition, showing great talent. His attack was very unexpected, first of all for himself.During the audition, he performed the song “Feelings” by Maurice Albert.
The jury was not so interested in him, but thanks to his work, he was able to achieve a great result. Later, he performed again with the same song, this time with all his talent and charisma. The young man worked hard and did not think about becoming a champion.
During the performance, it was already clear that the young singer would be excluded, at that very moment one chair of the jury turned. It was a great success for him.
During the next performance, he performed the song Wants to Live Forever. It was an incredible performance. The performance was a real success for him because the audience loved the performance and the show.

Here, during the final contestant of the Wedge, the young singer expected that he would come out of the contest, but the opposite happened, the host mentioned the name of the champion, it was a big surprise for him because he did not expect that victory. Thus, Vladislav Tyukin became the champion of “The Voice Kids Russia” competition. It was a well-deserved victory and a well-deserved title. The result of the young boy’s powerful voice and unparalleled performance captivated everyone. Without holding back their excitement, everyone unanimously declared him the winner. The little singer was also excited, he was just taking his first steps to the big stage. New perspectives and doors of success are opening for him thanks to his victory.


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The boy has taken his first steps in the competition, it promises him big stages and success
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