The girl sings with her mother on the street and attracts everyone’s attention

People are always busy with daily work and never spend leisure time with works of art. In addition, it also has the power to penetrate people’s inner world and fill their souls. Every day we meet people rushing and returning at the same pace on the street and wonder how busy and burdened people are. . Since they don’t have time to go to concert halls and enjoy musical works, street music creates just such an opportunity. Talented musicians also perform on the street, who prefer to perform for free and make people happy. In addition, this option provides an opportunity to become famous and earn money thanks to large views. Karolina Protsendko was a gifted girl from America who gave concerts on the street . Her house, where she always performed, was on the streets of Santa Monica. Everyone here knew her and admired her works. She managed to win enough hearts and gather followers.

By the way, she has more than 5 million views on social networks and has gained great popularity on het 3 YouTube channels, Instagram and other social sites. The whole world knows about the young talent. Her pages have many followers. She was such a talented violinist that she performed famous works by adding just one note to them, which made her music unique. The mother also can play musical instruments and performed together with the girl. By the way, let’s mention that the parents always encouraged and inspired the daughter. She gave free concerts in the streets involving many and many people in her unique art. She performed the song “Bottles “Let It Be” together with her mother and it was quite successful, receiving a large number of views. The family also has musical inclinations, they are fond of guitar and piano. The girl was sent to violin lessons from the age of 6. She also received invitations from many famous programs to participate. Her fame spread quickly and many people wanted to meet her and see her live performances. Experience shows that it is not necessary to get on stage to become famous, as was the case with this girl. Talented people will always find their role in life.


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The girl sings with her mother on the street and attracts everyone’s attention
From birth, this girl was considered ugly by many. He is now 6 years old